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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Virtual Assistance Services

  • Are you a regsitered/legitimate company?
    We are a legitimate U.S registered company. Our company is regsietred in the state of Wyoming.
  • What's your hourly rate for your virtual assistance services?
    Please complete the form above to request a custom quote
  • Where are your executive assistants from?
    Our executive assistants are from Kingston, Jamaica
  • What kind of qualification does your assistants have?
    All of our executive assistants have a Bachelor's Degree
  • What language does your executive assistants speak?
    English is our executive assistants language
  • How do you protect your clients' private information/passwords?
    1. At virtual media hive, we sign a non-disclosure order (our executive assistants included) to reinforce our promise that our clients' personal or business information will kept private and not be disclosed to third parties. 2. We use LastPass, a secure password manager that stores all of your clients information
  • How do you communicate with your clients' on a daily basis?
    We use WhatsApp for all immediate communication with our clients on a daily basis
  • How do I know you and your team will execute projects on time?
    1. At Virtual Media Hive, we use a reliable project management software to delegate & execute tasks on a daily basis 2. We use fast internet connection to ensure project deadlines are met 3.
  • Are your executive assistants flexible to working in different time zones?
    Regardless of your timezone, we'lll assign one of our executive assistants to serve you based on your region.
  • How do I keep track of tasks completed?
    A detailed time report will be provided at the end of each day or week to outline the tasks that were executed for each day, and the time it took to execute that task.
  • What do you mean by dedicated virtual assistant?
    Once you sign up for our plans, we will assign you a dedicated assistant. You can assign tasks directly to your virtual assistant like you do to your in-house employee. You can phone/video call/chat with your dedicated virtual assistant anytime during 9AM – 5PM your time zone. We hire only the top applicants, which means, your virtual assistant will be able to learn your business and help you the best.
  • How soon can you start the work?
    Your dedicated virtual assistant will contact you and start the work within 3 business days from the time you signed up.
  • Can I cancel anytime? Is there any contract?
    There is absolutely no contract. We don’t lock you in. You can cancel anytime. Just email us. It’s that simple.
  • I just signed up. What's next?
    Based on the requirements you entered, we will select the best suitable virtual assistant for you. Please give us three business days. Once you are assigned a dedicated virtual assistant, we will email you. Your dedicated virtual assistant will start the work within three business day from the time you signed up.
  • Do you have a set up fee?
    No, we don’t have any set up fees
  • Can I change my virtual assistant?
    Absolutely. Just email us at, we will pair you with a better fit.
  • What if I need more hours?
    You can always purchase more hours at any point of time. Just inform your VA about it. We will take care of the rest.
  • Will my virtual assistant be working on the weekend or national holiday?
    Absolutley. We will be happy to help you when you have a tight project deadline or anything similar to it. Since our normal working days are Monday through Friday, please just inform your VA if you want them to work on the weekend. However, our VAs don't work on major holidays
  • Can I track the hours my virtual assistant spend?
    We have an excellent time tracking software, you can monitor even a minute your dedicated virtual assistant spend. Also, you will be provided an account manager who will also monitor and update the status for you.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan anytime?
    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime. Just email us at, as simple as that.
  • Do you have any other hidden charges?
    We don’t have any other hidden charges in any of our plans. You will only pay for the package you signed up for.
  • Is my payment secured? What payment gateway do you use?
    We use Stripe payment gateway for receiving the payments. Stripe is a reputed company, so your payment information is 100% secured.
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