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" Servanthood is The Primary Purpose of Every Individual. "

Hi, I'm Georgandez, Founder of Virtual Media Hive

90% of my professional career has been built upon my gift of administration.

I have used this gift to serve as a human resource officer, and  assistant

to government officials in my native country, Kingston Jamaica.

After almost 3 years of working as the executive assistant for a public figure in the United States, I returned home to my native country, Kingston, Jamaica with my wife and a new addition to my family, Geor'nyah Morrison.


I didn't want a stranger to raise my daughter, therefore, I declined job offers, became a stay at home dad for over a year and that's when I decided to start an online business that would allow  me to utilise my administrative & marketing skills to serve brands/companies, raise my daughter, and travel the world.


After living in three different countries, I currently resides in Casablanca, Morocco where I manage my team remotely, serve clients globally (US, Canada, Dubai, Australia) pick up my daughter from school, learn french, and enjoy delicious Moroccan cuisines.

Want To Know The Man Behind The Suit?

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